Welcome to Eighth Day Woodworks!

I have loved wood and have worked with it as a hobby for most of my life. Until about two years ago I had only lived in the world of flat stock. Then, I purchased a lathe. Even though it was a cheap one (very cheap) I was hopelessly hooked. I have determine that turning is the most fun a grown man can have by himself and have since upgraded my equipment, enlarged my shop and bought way too many tools.

About the name...

The number eight in the Bible is the number for “New Beginnings”.  Christ rose from the dead on the eighth day (1st day of the new week or 8th day of the previous) and by so doing offered a new beginning (eternal life) for all who will believe on Him.

Eight Day Woodworks takes wood from trees that have been damaged buy storms, culled by loggers, salvaged from wood piles or other wise deemed worthless and has given it a “New Beginning”. Most pieces wind up on the lathe to expose the hidden beauty only God himself could have created.

I hope you will enjoy seeing some of God’s handiwork uniquely revealed as only the lathe seems to do.

Terry Griffiths


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